Things happen when you are out and about on a bicycle, things that don’t happen in any other aspect of your life. Things that are unique and bizarre, as you use pedal power to propel yourself up the steepest inclines or roll down the hills.

Watch the shadows!

The next video is a lesson not to be overconfident with ice tyres on. Even with studs I slid off on black ice in Tissington Village. If you cant get any grip, tyre studs or not you will slide! If I am cycling in frosty weather now I tend to stick to the trails that have a gritty, sandy surface like on the video above.

Black Ice

So what else has happened to me whilst I’ve been on my bike?

Wildlife can make things ‘interesting’ when you are on the bike:

The cartoon chase. Why do Pheasants always run in front of your wheel instead of going to one side when you are cycling towards them?

Running over a Squirrel – I managed to stay upright. A squirrel decided just at the last moment to run straight under my front wheel.

The Stoat – I once had a Stoat manage to run across the road I was cycling along and make it between the front and back wheels of my bike, quite bizarre!


My strangest incidents seem to involve water. At least I hope that’s what has been sprayed at me from a water gun courtesy of someone hanging out of the back of a car!

The Windscreen washer – I was once overtaken on a quiet road, just as the driver went past he activated his rear windscreen washer. Which had been deliberately pointed to get cyclists wet!

So what strange and bizarre things have happened to you whilst you have been out on your bike? Let me know┬ávia the contact form, or on Twitter – Peak District Cycling.