Q&A with Velotastic

The Peak District is an inspiring place for many¬†cyclists, and is also home to some unique businesses that cater for you when you are out on the bike. One of these, based on the edge of the Peak District is Velotastic, […]

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Fixed Gear in the Peak District

Some time ago I wrote about a bike that I had built up with the intention of having a go at riding fixed gear, […]

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Zwift – First Look

It’s pouring down outside. Not a little bit of drizzle, but one of those mornings where a visit to the outside bin seems an adventure too far. So what are your options? Catch up on jobs, join the hoards at your local crowded shopping centre, or settle on the sofa for Saturday morning TV. […]

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Photography and Cycling

Photography and cycling, the perfect combination. Long before my obsession with cycling began, I have always been a keen outdoors photographer, both with film and digital. […]

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The Pub Bike No More

It was supposed to be a ‘Pub Bike’… Back in December 2013 I decided that I wanted a bike that I could leave locked up outside a pub, work, shop, or at a friends home without worrying too much about it getting stolen. I wanted something second hand and had a idea for something vintage or retro. […]

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What Type of Bike?

“Cycling isn’t about the destination…it’s about the journey.” So which bike is best? The answer is a bike which enhances your bike ride, not one that has to be worked around, or overcome, to enjoy your journey. There isn’t a one size fits all option, and this isn’t just down to the bike, but your fitness, lifestyle, location, and let’s be honest – disposable income, make a huge difference. […]

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What to Take With You

A list of essentials to take with you when you are cycling in the Peak District. Food – even if you do not think you will need any, it is always useful to have some with you for emergencies. It doesn’t have to be expensive sports gels, foods like flapjacks or jelly babies are great. […]

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