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Descriptions, maps and videos for Peak District Cycling Routes. Latest updates can be found below, or jump to: easy, moderate or challenging route ideas. Click these links for trails,  hill climbs or videos.

Discover route ideas such as the Peak District Railway Trails, including the Monsal, Manifold, High Peak and Tissington Trails, and challenging hilly climbs such as the Cat & Fiddle and the Brickworks. Read detailed cycling route descriptions, photographs and videos.

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National Hill Climb Championships 2016

The National Hill Climb Championships took part on Bank Road in Matlock this year. Bank Road was an excellent location to host the event, although the weather was dull the conditions were good for hill climbing. […]

By |1st November, 2016|Blog, Climbs|

National Hill Climb Championships 2016 – Preview

The 2016 hill climb takes place on Bank Road, Matlock on the 30th October. Some of the competitors who took part in the Monsal Hill Climb this year such as Joe Clarke, Adam Kenway and Lou Bates are joined by many big names in the hill climbing scene. […]

By |15th October, 2016|Blog, Climbs, Routes|

The Goyt Valley

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Goyt Valley, it is a great place for cycling if you are looking for a challenge. It offers some of the best scenery in the Peak District, and is easily linked up with a lot of other routes in the local area to extend your adventures. […]

By |13th October, 2016|Blog, Climbs, Routes|

Castleton, Mam Tor and Edale

Cycling around the Hope Valley and Edale brings some of the hardest challenges to be encountered on a bike in the Peak District. […]

By |12th September, 2016|Routes|

Monsal Hill Climb 2015

From ages 8 to 78, from lightweight 5.5KG speed machine, to Penny Farthing, the 85th Monsal Climb was made up of a eclectic mixture of cyclists tacking the 675 yard hill climb in the heart of the Peak District. […]

By |6th October, 2015|Blog, Climbs|

Brickworks and the Goyt Valley

Grade: Challenging. Starting from Macclesfield, postcode: SK11 6QG, this 24 mile challenging route includes classic Peak District climbs, the Brickworks from Bollington, and the climb through the Goyt Valley towards the Cat and Fiddle Pub. […]

By |27th July, 2015|Climbs, Routes|