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Descriptions, maps and videos for Peak District Cycling Routes. Latest updates can be found below, or jump to: easy, moderate or challenging route ideas. Click these links for trails,  hill climbs or videos.

Discover route ideas such as the Peak District Railway Trails, including the Monsal, Manifold, High Peak and Tissington Trails, and challenging hilly climbs such as the Cat & Fiddle and the Brickworks. Read detailed cycling route descriptions, photographs and videos.

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Cat and Fiddle, Wildboarclough and Macclesfield Forest

Grade: Challenging. 18.5 miles with 1850ft of ascent. This is a short, but hilly route that starts from the Railway Station in Macclesfield Town Centre. […]

By |2nd March, 2014|Climbs, Routes|

Chatsworth Loop

Grade: Challenging. 27.5 miles with 3000ft of ascent. Starting at Parsley Hay Visitor Centre, this hilly route offers a mixture of challenging climbs, with rewarding views, and visits some of the most iconic Peak District locations, mostly along quiet lanes. This route is suitable for road bikes, but not in icy conditions. […]

By |19th January, 2014|Climbs, Routes|

Monsal Trail

Grade: Easy. Now that the old Railway tunnels are fully open along this route, it is surely one of the most scenic cycle tracks in England, with some of the best views the Peak District has to offer. […]

By |22nd December, 2013|Routes|

Cat and Fiddle – Hill Climb

Grade: Challenging. Starting in Macclesfield, Cheshire, at the traffic lights where the famous Arighi Bianchi department store is located, this is one of the Peak District’s most famous hill climbs. […]

By |14th December, 2013|Climbs, Routes|

Manifold Trail

Grade: Easy. Quieter than the Monsal Trail, the Manifold Trail rivals the Monsal Trail for scenery, and interesting features to see. […]

By |8th December, 2013|Routes|

Tissington Trail

Grade: Easy. The Tissington Trail splits from the High Peak Trail just to the south of the Parsley Hay Visitor Centre, where there are refreshments, cycle hire, and car parking. […]

By |8th December, 2013|Routes|