What Type of Bike?

“Cycling isn’t about the destination…it’s about the journey.” So which bike is best? The answer is a bike which enhances your bike ride, not one that has to be worked around, or overcome, to enjoy your journey. There isn’t a one size fits all option, and this isn’t just down to the bike, but your fitness, lifestyle, location, and let’s be honest – disposable income, make a huge difference. […]

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Peak District Summer Of Cycling

Want to know more about cycling in the Peak District National Park? This latest post includes a few places on the web, and in the Peak District where you can find out more about where to go, and events that are on. […]

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Cycling and Fashion

It is only a few years since I got back into cycling after a ten year absence from the bike. But even in this short time the explosion in popularity and participation of cycling has been huge. In the space of just a few years, cycling has gone from relative obscurity, to a mainstream, fashionable, high participation, big budget industry. […]

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Le Tour Yorkshire

The opening 3 stages of the 2014 Tour de France are to be held in England. The second stage, on the 6th July 2014, a 124 mile (200km) route from York to Sheffield pays a short visit to the Peak District National Park. […]

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Winter Cycling Clothing

What you wear when you are out and about on the bike can make the difference between an enjoyable ride, or feeling that you have spent the last two hours in a torture chamber. This article gives you a few tips, (learnt the hard way) on what to wear when the days get colder. […]

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What to Take With You

A list of essentials to take with you when you are cycling in the Peak District. Food – even if you do not think you will need any, it is always useful to have some with you for emergencies. It doesn’t have to be expensive sports gels, foods like flapjacks or jelly babies are great. […]

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Getting Back on the Bike

I can’t help those of you who have never ridden a bike, but I can tell you that about 5 years ago, after a break of 10 years off the bike, I discovered that for me, the saying was true – you never forget how to ride a bike. Here are a few memories, and tips from what I remember of that time. […]

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